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Backtagging: This is always welcome.

Threadjacking: As long as you ask me first, I probably won't mind, as long as the thread between the two characters isn't really important to their CR or to the plot.

Fourthwalling: Go right on ahead, careful. I don't mind, but Tohko can take weird theories and just run with them sometimes, which may annoy your character.

Offensive subjects: None right now.


Hugging: Go for it! Tohko will probably return it, unless she really hates your character.
Kissing: ..I'm not against it, but unless Tohko likes you, prepare for a smack and a lecture.
Fighting: While Tohko doesn't like to fight friends, if a battle breaks out, it breaks out.
Flirting: Go for it! Tohko will just soak up the attention.
Killing: Ask me about it first, but unless something plot-related is going to come up soon that'll need her around, I probably won't mind.
Injuring: As long as the injury won't kill her, I'm usually fine with anything.
Anything else?: Nope!

And here's a kink list for you.

Disclaimer: And I am over eighteen. So don't worry about that.
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Crushed by costume in Halloween event.
Killed by Nesir.
Killed by Enoch.
Killed by Lancer.
Killed by Ienzo.
Killed by Ganon.
Killed by Enoch
Killed by Break.

If I'm forgetting any event, please do let me know.
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Anything I'm doing wrong while role-playing Tohko? Right? Have any general tips, tricks, or criticism? Please, let me know here.
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Good evening everyone! I've decided to make a character relationship chart for Tohko. It will be put in the comments and separated by canon, in no particular order. This will show how Tohko feels toward the many odd characters she meets in the tower.

If Tohko has met your character and he/she's not on this list, please let me know. I can be a bit forgetful sometimes, so a quick reminder would be really helpful.
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x1 Violet nightgown
x1 Copy of Similar to the Sky by Miu Inoue
x1 Notebook with a pen inside. Inside it are the pages of Enoch's story that he gives her.

All of the above
1x Lightning and Rain ring given to her by Warmage. Unless I make a note of it, Tohko will always be wearing this.
1x Medium length cord, being used as a makeshift belt so that Tohko can wander around with her daggers. Unless I make a note of it, Tohko will always be wearing this.
1x Thick brown cloak that was made in the workshop.
1x Mailbox that was used by her old book club. [Reward from the Illness Event.]
1x Story by Romeo about three faries who fought a dragon. A tale of friendship and bravery, despite the gore.
1x Bird-shaped charm given to her by Lancer. Tohko will always wear this on one of her braid-ribbons.
1x Copy of the first volume of the 'Holy Knight' series. Belongs to Oz.
1x Pendant made out of crystal which was given to her by Lancer. Tohko will always wear this on her other braid-ribbon.
1x Small box which is now filled with water and is holding the daises Kiyotaka gave her on the fourteenth of March.
5x pieces of candy.
2x daggers given to her by Waver Velvet the older. Unless I make a note of it, Tohko will always have these in her belt.
1x a photo album full of pictures of her, her parents, her adoptive family, and her closest friends-Konoha, Chia, and Nanase.
1x spiral-bound notebook, 495 sheets college-ruled.
1x Deku Nut.
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Player Information

Personal Journal:
Other Characters Played:None.

Character Information

Character Name:Tohko Amano
Character Series:Bungaku Shoujo series
Character Age:16-17
Character Gender:Female.
Original Canon
Canon Point:After the events of Book Girl and The Suicidal Mime but before the events of Book Girl and The Famished Spirit.
Background Link:
Personality:Tohko is a romantic bookworm, as her favorite stories are those that tell of love, and the sweeter it is, the better it is for Tohko. However, Tohko is not an ordinary bookworm. She will eat the books she reads, all while commenting on the work’s taste and comparing it to other foods. The reason she does this is because normal foods-like bread, cheese, and fish-taste like sand to her. The only taste she can get is out of her beloved books. The exact reason why is unknown, but it’s a psychological problem that bothers Tohko, even though she doesn’t show it. She hides the fact that she munches on books from others and will eat normal food with others, trying desperately to make it seem like she can taste the food normally and will usually manage to cover up any blunders she makes.

However, when she’s not in view of other people and is just with the person who’ll write her stories-or snacks, as she calls them-she will shamelessly show her large appetite, as she’ll eat while someone works on her snack and then eat the snack, all while talking about what she’s reading. She will even help out people’s love problems if they’ll write up a report later and give it to her. However, when tackling problems, Tohko has a tendency to get her head in the clouds or jump to weird conclusions. Nevertheless, she’ll work hard to uncover the truth and solve the problem, even if she finds that some assumptions she made previously were wrong. She’ll even seek out help from other characters if her allies aren’t helping. However, Tohko’s also a pure gal and if other characters tell her that they’ll only help if she gets naked or wears skimpy clothing, she’ll refuse and won’t do it unless she absolutely has to. She’s also bad with technology, so she makes other character’s work search engines if she needs to search something on the computer.

An interesting fact about Tohko is that while she says she hates ghost stories and thinks that they’re a terrible plot device, she will sometimes do or say something that shows that she’s actually terrified of ghosts. She will advise people to sprinkle salt circles on the ground if they encounter a ghost, even if she’s said earlier that she doesn’t like ghosts. This may mean that she’s covering up her fear of ghosts with hate to avoid being laughed at or picked on.

A final fact about Tohko is that, despite her faults, she is kind, and when faced with a person in need or a problem, she will help that person and solve that problem. She won’t care if she gets scared or has to spend hours working on a solution. All that’ll matter to her is if that person is happy.

Abilities:Other than the inability to taste food and the ability to taste books, none.

Sample Entry:Tohko looked over the books in her bookshelf, biting her lip. She was starving, as it was dinnertime, but she didn’t know what to eat. She had picked out a drink-which was a soothing and calming book titled The Book of Tea-but she hadn’t picked out the actual meal, which was annoying to her growling stomach. While there were tons of love stories on the shelves, she knew that those stories were more suited to dessert, and not dinner. While she would have loved to eat them, she knew she’d have to wait, which wasn’t a bad thing. Sweet stories tended to become sweeter with time.

Tohko’s fingers flew over the books, and her eyes examined each title. The Master and Margarita? Life of Pi? A Sherlock Holmes story? Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of the World? Eventually, Tohko decided on A Study in Scarlet, as her own life at school had been filled with a mystery. Re-reading the book may help her with any other odd things that decided to crawl by. Besides, the book was always filling, like a juicy turkey with hashbrowns, or a creamy dish of turtle soup. She ate and drank until she was finished and then worked on her homework. She blazed through her English assignment, but had trouble with some math problems, as usual, so she had to ask her mother for help.

When she was finished, she was exhausted, but thankfully, it was time for dessert. Tohko pulled out her copy of The Snow Goose and slowly ate it up, drinking in every sweet word and tender thought. The story was as delicious as a snow cone or a warm apple pie. When she was finished, Tohko threw away the scraps and got to bed, as tomorrow was a school day, which meant that she had class and Konoha’s lovely snacks to look forward to. However, before that could happen, she had to get some rest, so she settled into bed, closed her eyes, and fell asleep.

While Tohko slept, she dreamed that she was talking with Konoha. They were both in a library, and while he scribbled away, working on a snack, he spoke.

"Oy, Goblin. I don't want to be involved in any more love letters or suicide cases, so don't drag me into them, you got that?"

"I'm not a goblin! How dare you address your senior like that, Konoha!" Tohko yelled. "Honestly, I've told you time and time again that I'm just a charming, sweet bookworm that loves stories so much that she gobbles them up!"

"Whatever." Konoha shrugged. "Either way, I don't want to be involved in any more weird cases. Deal with them yourself from now on."

Honestly, how could Konoha be so rude..? "Don't 'whatever' me. Anyway, I doubt we'll have a case like that again. It'll probably just be normal love letters from now on. So don't worry." Tohko sighed. She didn't really want to deal with a case like that again. She didn't need Osamu Dazai to remind her of her odd condition and how inhuman it might be.

Suddenly, the dream shifted. Tohko was now in her fathers arms, and he was comforting her.

"Don't worry, Tohko. You're human. You just have a different appetite than everyone else. It's nothing to worry about..but you might not want to show anyone other than your author. They might get the wrong idea."

"Alright then, Papa.."
From there, Tohko's dreams were peaceful, as she dreamed of the days when she and her father were still together.
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